March Intentions


IMG_6004Hellooooo March!

February went by so fast and my #nodairyfebruary flew by! (Here’s the link to how that went!)

I honestly look forward to getting my gel pens out at the end of each month and thinking about things I want to improve, or actions I want to take, or mantras I want to adopt for the following month.

It’s only the start of the third month of 2018 and I know I have become more mindful of my actions and the way I spend my time on a daily basis because of writing my intentions down.

1.  Done is better than perfect.

I think you’ve heard me say this one before — and I aim to keep saying it to myself over and over again when I feel like something I do or say is not good enough or up to par. Progress over perfection.

2. Stop biting your nails.

I want to tackle a bad habit of mine that’s been around for too long! Biting my nails. I also have horrible cuticles and pick at them whenever I’m bored, stressed, or anxious. It leaves my hands ugly and often times, I’m super embarrassed of them. SO I will be setting myself up for success by getting my nails done today!

Woo #treatyoself! Which I have not done in a very long time.

And with this intention, I know there will be times that I mess up and catch myself, but the important thing is to be mindful and choose to keep working at my goal.

3. Read for 10 minutes a day.

Enough time scrolling on my phone, and more time growing in knowledge, please.

4. Ask more questions.

I tend to assume, rather than ask questions a lot of the time. And you know what they say about assuming… (it makes an ASS out of U and ME). Alright, so enough of that. And they also say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so I’m going to be asking more questions. About people’s days, about concepts I don’t understand, and being okay with not knowing the answer all the time.

5. Know you are where you are supposed to be.

I recently signed up for yoga at a studio near my house, and this was something one of the instructors said during the practice. And when I heard her say this, in my head I wanted to scream “Yes!!!” I am supposed to be sweating my tush off in this class right now, yes, I am supposed to be studying documentary film at Chapman right now, yes, I am supposed to be whatever I decide to be because life is good and I should enjoy it in the NOW. Enough questioning if this or that is right, I’m just going to trust my gut and keep going.

6. Hustle, baby hustle.

No pain, no gain.


What are your intentions? I hope this may have inspired you to set some intentions for your month, week, or day! Comment below any intention you have for the month of March 🙂



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