Cozy at Coral Tree Cafe


Brunch spread from Coral Tree Cafe in Encino, CA.

After waking up from a night partying for New Year’s, the first thing I craved was water – then brunch. Heading home from Bel Air, I tried to think of what brunch would best kick off 2018.

Matt and I decided on Coral Tree Cafe. This was one of my favorite lunch spots in high school, plus I love their ambiance. So Coral Tree Cafe it was.

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During busy hours, Coral Tree Cafe has valet parking.

Restaurant: Coral Tree Cafe

Price: $12 – $15

Address: 17499 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91316

Hours: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily, kitchen closes at 9:30 p.m.

*Breakfast Hours
Weekdays 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.
Weekends 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Parking: small parking lot, valet parking during busy hours

Biggest pro: cute atmosphere, lots of seating inside and outside

Biggest con: subpar potatoes


Coral Tree Cafe is a quick service restaurant. 

The interior has a rustic feel to it. Lots of windows and open space makes this place welcoming off the bat. When you walk in, there are menus that you can pick up to look at, or there is a large board where you can read all of your options. Since this is a quick service restaurant, you place and pay for your order at the cashier, then you grab your number and find a seat.


Green Tea Latte

We decided to sit outside in their enclosed patio area since it was nice and sunny outside.


Isn’t my matcha so funny? Ha Ha

Service was prompt and efficient. I first had a sip of my green tea latte. Nothing too special, just your typical slightly watery green tea latte, but honestly it hit the spot since I was craving one.

What I ordered: Arugula Pesto Scramble ($13.50)

“oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella & sautéed organic spinach” with potatoes and baguette

The scramble was cooked well and the eggs had a fluffy consistency which I enjoyed. My first thought was “Where’s the pesto?” I’m sure they used pesto somewhere since it’s in the name of the dish, but I could hardly taste any pesto. Next, the cherry tomatoes just weren’t the right compliment to the other flavors and textures in the scramble. I think sun-dried tomatoes would have been a better match here.

The baguette was soft and fresh, but just nothing compares to Paris sadly.

The potatoes made me sad. They had so much potential, and instead just lay on the plate like defeated under-seasoned orange cafeteria potatoes. They were dry and their skin had no personality. If you couldn’t already tell, I have very high standards for my potatoes.

What Matt ordered: Eggs Benedict “two organic poached eggs & turkey bacon on an English muffin with house made hollandaise”

Hollandaise sauce on point. The lemon was definitely in your face, but in the best way. It brought out a new fresh citrus tang to the bacon and English muffin. Unfortunately, Matt’s potatoes and my potatoes were of the same family line. So his were no better.

Coffee was nothing extraordinary, but don’t forget to ask for a coffee to go to get the most bang for your buck!



Eggs Benedict and Arugula Pesto Scramble

Thanks for reading & see ya on the brunch side!

If you visit Coral Tree Cafe or have any other brunch suggestions comment below!

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