Breakfast at The Nook


The ultimate spread from The Nook

Restaurant: The Nook

Price: $12 – $15

Address: 17316 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316

Hours: Mon – Fri 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. & Sat – Sun 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Parking: Good, but fills up fast

Biggest pro: Hot, good, constant coffee

Biggest con: No bang for buck


The Nook is located on Ventura Blvd. in Encino, CA.



The Nook has got to be one of my mom’s favorite breakfast spots. She raves and always craves her peanut butter french toast. While this restaurant is relatively new in the valley, the owner is certainly not. The Nook is a sort of sister to CiCi’s, which always seems to have a line down the block on the weekends. CiCi’s is known for their crazy long Cheesecake Factory-like menu with crazy sweet combinations of anything you can pretty much imagine. So, when this place opened I was excited to compare the two.


The Nook has lots of variety from breakfast to lunch, mostly traditional, but some with Mexican flare.

The overall vibe of the place is clean and homey. Cici’s and The Nook have similar plating styles and decor, but The Nook does have a nice outdoor patio area that they must have recently renovated. Their menu is significantly smaller than CiCi’s and has slight variations.


Servers are quick to refill your cup of coffee. 

My mom and I came here early Sunday before the rush. It was a bit chilly outside (it would have been nice to have an outdoor lamp thingy) but it was still great. And the best part was that the servers were equally attentive to us, even though we were the only party on the patio.


The ‘Master Blaster’ french toast is crusted in toasted sesame seeds and almonds.

What I ordered: ‘The 6-4-3’ combo ($13.95 + $1 upgrade)

which comes with two eggs, bacon and any choice of crepe, pancake, toast, or waffle. You can upgrade for $1 extra like I did if you want a specialty item.

Master Blaster french toast: ‘toast dipped in a bath of roasted sesame seeds and almonds

Expectations: I was really excited to try this since I am obsessed with sesame seed bagels and love that extra crunch on french toast.

Verdict: Good, but nothing special. To me, it just tasted like any other ‘crunchy french toast.’ I really wanted to taste the sesame seed, and I felt it got left behind. Same with the almonds. I was hoping to see visible sliced almonds, or maybe even extra almonds sprinkled on top. Could have used more butter, too.


Over medium eggs served with crispy bacon.

Eggs were slightly overcooked, but the bacon was crispy just like I ordered it. I prefer a bit heartier of a bacon, but not bad at all.


The ‘King Kong Toast’ is thick french toast slapped with peanut butter and bananas. 

What my mom ordered: ‘The Sac Fly’ ($14.95 + $1 upgrade)

which is a combo which includes two eggs and sausage with any choice of crepe, pancake, toast, or waffle.

I thought the french toast was exactly what I expected it to be, so it matched my expectations, but didn’t exceed them. What is cool is that they have multiple options for sausage. While other restaurants may only have one option, The Nook offers pork, chicken apple, or chicken tequila. The sausage patties were pretty delicious, but I thought they could use a touch more seasoning.


Pork sausage and over medium eggs.

The Nook is a goodie, but may not be the biggest bang for your buck. Trusty option with pretty consistent food.

Thanks for reading & see ya on the brunch side!


If you visit The Nook, or have any other brunch suggestions comment below!


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