Chatsworth’s Country Deli

Today I had brunch with my mama and my sister. Things have been a little hectic recently with all the filming and traveling I’ve been doing, so it was nice to kick back and relax. I figured we would stay somewhere close to home, so we settled on Country Deli.

I’ve been here a few times, but never took the time to blog about it. So heeeeere goes.


Country deli rating.png


Restaurant: Country Deli Restaurant 

Location: Chatsworth, CA

Hours: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Overall rating: 3.5/4




Country Deli is near Topanga Canyon Blvd. and Lassen St.


Their menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Check out their menu here.

We stopped by Saturday around 10:30 a.m. which is priiiime time. It was pretty packed, but we were seated promptly.


This place has got a western feel to it – the walls are painted with flowers, cowboys and horses – kind of like Chatsworth I guess.


What I ordered: Build Your Own Omelette (comes with four toppings) $13.95 with sourdough toast and home fries well done.

I decided on pepper jack cheese, bacon, spinach and avocado for my toppings.


The first thing I noticed was how my home fries were actually well done. This I appreciate mucho. I always ask for my hashbrowns or potatoes well done, and most of the times I’m disappointed. The other thing I was thinking was wow that’s a lot of food. Biting into my omelette, I noticed they are definitely not stingy – there was a ton of bacon, a little bit too much spinach for my liking, and cheesy yumminess topped with avocado. The bacon was a bit too chewy, I would have preferred it to be more crisp. The bacon was also a little too salty. Sourdough toast was good, but what was even better about the toast was that the server asked if I would like it buttered. Which is YAS! Points for attention to detail that’s for sure.


What my mom ordered: The hearty breakfast ($13.50) with a full belgian waffle and a sausage patty

“choice of two pancakes, half a belgian waffle, two french toasts or two biscuits and gravy. served with two large eggs any style, two strips of thick-cut bacon or turkey bacon and two sausages or turkey sausages”



Sausage patty. That is all. This has got to be one of the best (and biggest) sausage patties I’ve ever had. Seasoned just right, not any one flavor that is overpowering. Waffle was pretty ordinary – not too cakey, but not worth getting again.


What my sister ordered: Healthy Start ($12.95) with the potato latke upgrade

“egg white omelette topped with melted mozzarella cheese and sliced avocado with 2 strips of turkey bacon or 2 turkey sausages on the side. served with grilled tomatoes”

I only took a bite of the potato latke, which was light and crispy. I would have liked if the latke was a bit thinner so that it could get more crispy. The sour cream and apple sauce was a good compliment.

The best part of this meal was when I first started taking pictures of our food, some guy at the table next to us said, “Are you kidding me?” And not in some curious, poking-fun kind of way, more like just plain disgust. Like buddy, I blog about breakfast.

See ya soon brunchies!


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