Ube pancakes and sizzling sisig: Filipino breakfast at Ninong’s

The one thing I can’t deny is breakfast. My sister and her boyfriend Pat had some free time and offered to take me out. How niiiice. They took me to one of their all-time fav spots: Ninong’s, a Filipino breakfast and lunch place. Funny enough, Pat (the only non-Filipino in this trio) is the one obsessed with the Filipino food, so I guess you could call him a Filipino fiend.

Ninongs rating

Review of Ninong’s

Restaurant: Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe

Location: Granada Hills, CA

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday closed

Overall rating: 3/5





Ninong’s has indoor and outdoor seating.



Ninong’s has deep purple walls, and dark wooden tabletops.


Ube is a purple yam that Filipinos use in a lot of sweet treats.


Ninong’s offers small sweets and pastries.


Ninong’s has Filipino breakfast and lunch options.


Da brunch spread

What I ordered: Tri tip tapa pancake combo with 3 ube pancakes ($12.49)


Tri tip tapa pancake combo

I was so excited to try the ube pancakes! Pat said they were bomb and well, cause they’re my favorite color. They were a rich, a little chewy and buttery. I was hoping the ube flavor was a little more prominent. I tried the coconut syrup that was at the table that pairs with the pancakes. I’m not usually a fan of coconut, but I figured I would give it a try. Verrry sweet. Gave it another layer of flavor for sure, but I decided to go coconut-less for the rest of my meal. Now what was really tasty about my meal was the tapa. Tapa is a Filipino way of preparing thin slices of dried meat with salts and spices. This tapa was really yummy as a breakfast meat and went really well with a splash of vinegar. It’s chewy and really flavorful. The most disappointing part of my meal was the eggs! Why they scored low for attention to detail. I was definitely lookin’ for over medium with dat delicious runny yolk. But instead, I got some over hard eggies. No bueno.

What my sister ordered: Sizzling skillet sisig | chopped pork and tenga (ear), chilis, onion, citrus sauce ($12.49) and she added 2 eggs


I snagged a bite and it was some salty flavorful crispy goodness. She was also not the happiest camper since her supposed-to-be-over medium eggs were also overcooked.


Cartilage my sister found in her dish

In other bad news, my sister had to pick out a lot of cartilage from her sisig. Not very pleasant, that’s for sure.

What Pat ordered: Pancake flight: ube, buko (coconut) mango ($6.49)


Pancake flight

So I already had some of my own ube pancakes, but Pat let me try the other ones. This is a good option if you’re a pancake lover and can’t make up your mind. So starting from the left, the green one, is the buko stack, or also known as coconut. So I like the different colors for presentation, but didn’t see what the green sauce added. I felt the coconut pancakes were missing some toasted coconut flakes on top which would have brought out the flavor inside of the pancake. To the right of the ube pancakes, is the mango stack. I found it to be overly sweet and a bit artificial tasting. The mango flavor ended up tasting like a mango cake or sweet frosting rather than a refreshing bright taste.

Pat also ordered a mango juice and here are his thoughts:

“It’s like biting into fresh mango.I’m partial to the thicker juice, but it was still very refreshing.”

Thanks Pat 🙂

Overall, the presentation was Insta-worthy, the service was forgetful (it took them almost the whole meal to deliver Pat’s mango juice) and they missed the mark on our eggs.

Glad we came during the week (don”t forget they’re closed on Mondays!) since they can get pretty packed on the weekend.

Maraming salamat for reading!! (Thanks a lot)







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