8 Things That Will Happen After You Go On a Nutritional Cleanse

Before taking on the 30 day challenge, I wasn’t sure if it was right for me. I was hesitant at first, skeptical throughout the process, but trusted my gut that this was going to help me more than hurt me. And damn, was I right.

I survived the 30 days and got results.


This is what I really wanted to know before going on my cleanse – what would happen after I conquered the challenge and posted about my transformation? Would it actually have a positive impact on me for the long-term, or just for the short-term?

Here are eight things that will happen after you go on a nutritional cleanse.

1. You will celebrate!

Which you should! You’ve spent weeks daydreaming of all the cheesy creations and Tasty recipes you want to try once you’re off the cleanse, and truth is you deserve it! I decided to celebrate with some late night Pizza Press, but I could only finish half! Just understand your body may not be able to handle everything you’ve dreamt of.

2. You will have a greater appreciation for food.

Like never before.

3. Your body will crave exercise.

Yes, sounds weird. But, after a few days of being a couch potato, your muscles will start saying “what the heck???” and encourage you to get out and sweat a lil’ bit. 

4. Your body will crave healthier foods.

Suddenly hot cheeto mac n’ cheese does not sound so appetizing… Once the junk food cycle breaks, you’ll be cravin’ some sweet potatoes and quinoa or somethin’. Funny enough…

5. Your body will reject the bad stuff.

Don’t want to get TMI here, but your tummy is not going to be a happy camper if you flood it with all that bad stuff. This will help you choose healthier foods in the first place, so thank your tummy!

6. You will feel empowered.

Empowered about making the right food choices, about nurturing your body, about your decisions, about sticking to your goals. You. Got. Dis.

7. You will think about health and fitness differently.

It’s not an all-or-nothing, fat kid or Instagram model mentality. It is a daily, lifelong decision to choose to live this healthy, happy life. But still eat a cupcake or two sometimes.

8. You will inspire other people.

YASSS! I think this is one of the best parts. Especially if you blog/vlog about your experience, people will comment on your status, like your post, or better yet tell you in person!!! OR if they are super inspired, they may want to try to go on a nutritional cleanse themselves! Which, I am super excited to share that my brother just signed up and is going to start his 30 day cleanse very soon!! YEAH U GO GLEN COCO!


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