My 30 Day Transformation

WE MADE IT!!!!! Here we are, 30 days later. I am 30 days stronger, 30 days smarter and I am 30 days down, with a whole lifestyle to continue ahead of me.

It has been pretty damn hard. The first week was really shiny – I felt like I had a new challenge in front of me that I was eager to tackle. Trying the new shakes and different foods before was like a little experiment. Exercising was refreshing and made me motivated to push myself. The second to third weeks, I hit a few speed bumps, as I knew I would. School picked up, I was not getting enough sleep and I felt overwhelmed. I was starting to think that maybe I didn’t pick such a great time to go through with the cleanse. The final weeks really stretched me thin. I felt burnt out. I wanted to eat all 28 emotions I was feeling and I almost wanted to quit. What kept me going was myself. I was doing it for myself – no one else, not for the scale, not for some bikini pic (although you can catch me in Hawaii soon!!)  – for me.

Although I was a little hesitant to show these pictures, I’M GONNA FLAUNT IT, HUNAY.

Cause I worked freaking hard for this. Here is my progress in weekly photos. I would take them every Monday morning before I was out the door.


GO. ME. 

What’s even more important than the physical transformation is the mental transformation about the way I view my health.

I grew up living on McDonald’s, eating three Cinnabons for breakfast and not really understanding how to eat right. I played sports – competitive gymnastics to basketball and volleyball, and then softball in high school. I knew how to work out, but I never really understood how important it was.

Going through these 30 days has taught me to APPRECIATE every crumb that goes into my body and begin enjoying sweating my eyelids off. It’s not a chore. It’s a privilege to get to eat well and exercise. Being a couch potato is only cute for so long, and your body can only handle it for so long.

Once you start being nice to your body, your body will be nice to you. I feel more empowered to choose good foods. It’s not about NOT eating junk food, it’s not about saying “no” to your favorite sweets, it’s about learning how to have a more well balanced nutrition.

And this is just a start. The cleanse was a wakeup call that health is important and taking care of me is important. It’s a challenge every day to choose to live a healthy lifestyle, and I’m excited to say I’m saying YAS!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way, you rock my socks and I hope I helped inspire you while you’re waiting at Starbucks, not paying attention in class, sitting on the toilet or bored at work.


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  1. May 12, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    You look amazing!!!! Well done. I tried doing this challenge at the start of last year but then I fell pregnant. I really want to do it again but I’ve been too broke to buy the shakes and feed my family at the same time so that sucks

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