Days 17 – 28 / 30 of My Nutritional Cleanse

Wow, a month is a lot longer than you’d think. BUT I’M ALMOST DONE. YAAAAASSSSSS!!!

I’ll break it down nice ‘n easy for you, with little sections of food, exercise and my mood for the past week.

Apologies to my avid readers – shout out to @mom, @matt, @rebeccah, @sara, @katelyn @shoshone and all other loyal fans, I’ve been a bit slow on the blog train. But, just you wait, I’ve got some good stuff comin’. Also, PLEASE tell me if you read them, it actually makes my day when I realize people do read my blog and are maybe even inspired by it! 🙂


Here are some highlights from the week.


Exercise anywhere! Take advantage of free classes. This past week, I’ve done a free yoga class with my sorority sisters, gone to the gym with my roommates and have realized going to the gym ain’t half bad.

It’s all about getting over the hump. Once you get back into the groove, your body will actually crave exercise.



I would be lying if I said this has been easy. The past two weeks especially I’ve been in a little slump. I think it stems from a lot of different things – the semester is about to end, project deadlines are looming ahead and it’s tough saying no to some of my favorite foods I would normally indulge in, or exercise when I’m feeling kind of out of it.

What has really helped me is thinking about the bigger picture – it’s not only about these 30 days that will soon be over. It’s about the lifestyle I am establishing for myself. Yeah, I could definitely afford a few more years of junk food, limited exercise and unhealthy decisions, but it will all too soon catch up to me. I want to live a life full of adventures! I’ve got to start my habits now because this is the one body I’ve got, and I want to take care of it.




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