15 tips for going on a nutritional cleanse

Since I am more than halfway through my 30-day challenge and I’ve gained some insights with my own experience, I figured it was time to give some of my tips for anyone else interested in doing the 30-day Isagenix challenge, or any other type of nutritional cleanse.

1. Make sure you’re in it for the right reasons.

Find out your “WHY.” If you haven’t watched Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about ‘finding your why,’ stop what you’re doing and watch it. Right now. Maybe it’s to lose weight, maybe it’s to feel better about yourself, maybe it’s to prove to yourself that you can follow through with a goal. Whatever your reason is, own it. Unless, that is, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Do it for yourself. And love yourself for it. 

Read about my “why” here.

2. Research.

I definitely felt like I went into this cleanse a little blind. I was desperate for some sort of change, knew that the cleanse had worked for other people and figured it would work for me. I definitely don’t regret taking that leap of faith, but I do wish I would have researched more about Isagenix and understood the process a little bit more before diving in. I would’ve also loved to read more blogs about other people who have gone through the 30-day challenge so I could learn from them.

3. Have a coach you trust.

You can’t do it alone. You will have questions, and you will need a swift kick in the ass every now and then. And it’s nice when you have someone who really cares about you by your side. That way, they will know when to comfort you, and when to crack the whip.

4. Set specific goals.

Another thing I wish I would have doned set goals. Yeah, you’ve heard this one before – but seriously. You paid for this thing, you’re going through with it, you might as well freaking be able to quantify your success. Then you’ll be able to say you reached your goals, and hopefully even surpass them. I mean, talk about feeling accomplished. Write them down wherever you you can see them so they’re never out of sight.

5. Blog!!!!!!!!

Can’t stress this enough. Even if you have never blogged before in your life – do it! Or maybe just write a journal. Write down something. Share it with someone. This is what will hold you accountable. You’ll want to be able to look back on your experience and to be able to understand how you felt. Going on a cleanse changes the usual makeup of your body, and so you will be feeling different. Some of your habits will shift and you should take note of that. Also, don’t be afraid that “Oh my god, no one is going to read it or care.” YOU ARE WRONG! There are so many people looking for the content only you can provide. Your perspective is unique and you should share it! You’d be surprised about how many people may show interest in learning more about the cleanse and you.

6. Meal preparation

This is a money-saver, time-saver, overall lifesaver. Especially when you’re cooking one meal per day for one person, you will have leftovers and you don’t want your food to go bad. And it’s fun. I don’t know if that’s just me, but I get all excited to cook for the upcoming days.

7. Forgive yourself.

You will miss a day at the gym, you will fall asleep before you can publish your blog post and maybe you won’t reach your weekly goal. But that is OK! Celebrate the little victories. That will help keep your mood and energy up.


Wow, I need to take my own advice on this one. I already have a hard time drinking enough water as it is, but when you’re on a cleanse, you reaaaally need water. It helps fill you up, quench your thirst and makes sure your body is doin’ its thang.

9. Ask for help.

Got a question? Do not be afraid to ask for help. You already did the scary part – starting. So swallow your pride and get ready to learn.

10. Don’t complain to others.

It’s not cute and it’s sure as hell not inspiring. I mean, you’re allowed to whine a little bit, but it gets old real fast. And what you speak to other people will also get to your head. Keep it positive, keep it goin’, you got dis.

11. Clean out your pantry.

Get rid of anything that may tempt you. Bye bye Kraft mac and cheese, so long Ritz crackers, will we ever meet again,  Nutella? Wipe your tears, and put unhealthy foods far away.

12. Take pictures each week.

Take that selfie at the gym or in front of the mirror. Werk it, own it – and come back to it so you can see how much progress you’ve made.

13. Be honest with yourself about how you feel.

Don’t lie to yourself. You will have some high moments and definitely some low ones. Be real with yourself and take note of how your body reacts to certain foods and workouts. Make the adjustment and make sure you keep you and your body healthy and happy.

14. Challenge yourself.

You’d be surprised what you can do if you just push yourself. This is why setting goals is so important. Think you can do 20 pushups? Do 25. You ran the mile in 10 minutes? Tomorrow, run the mile in nine minutes. JUST DOOOO IT!

15. Know your body will thank you.

Your body is PRAISING YOU right now. Think of all the toxins NOT going into your body.


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