Drop it like it’s Haute (Cakes Caffe)

We celebrated initiation with some bruuuunch! We headed to Newport to find a cute, trendy, tasty place that was close enough to the beach. We ended up at Haute Cakes Caffe.

Haute Cakes Caffe rating

Review of Haute Cakes Caffe


Restaurant: Haute Cakes Caffe

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Hours: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. everyday

Overall rating: 4/5





Haute Cakes Caffe is located in a shopping center.


Haute Cakes Caffe has indoor and outdoor seating.

When we went around 2 p.m., there was no wait, but limited seating for four people. They do not take reservations and it is quite the popular Sunday brunch spot.


Haute Cakes Caffe offers both breakfast and lunch options.


Haute Cakes Caffe’s decor feels homey, natural and fresh.


Haute Cakes Caffe is a fast-casual restaurant where you place your order at the counter and you wait for them to serve your food.

Gianna and I originally ordered two iced coffees, but had to return them because of how bitter it was. Cream and sugar were no help, so we got orange juice instead! Tasty, but just your standard from-the-carton OJ.


Orange juice ($5!!!!!)

Our food came at very different times. Kelley and Sarina’s food came out about 10 minutes before Gianna’s and my food came to the table, making them wait before they took a bite. All the food came out lukewarm, rather than piping hot. And, it didn’t help we were outside where it was pretty windy.


Kelley drinking her weird chocolate coffee concoction

What I ordered: Haute combination ($11)

“two eggs any style with buttermilk haute cakes, sausage, or bacon and real maple syrup”

BUT I changed the buttermilk pancakes for orange ricotta haute cakes. Gooood choice.

“these cakes take a bit longer to prepare and have a moist consistency inside topped with warm berries”


Haute combination with orange ricotta haute cakes

“This place is flavortown.” Words from Kelley.

The pancakes were worth the wait. They pack a lot of flavor in the very first bite. It was decadent, kind of reminded me of a cheesecake flavor and texture, with orangey zest yummy-ness topped with the mixed berries.

I first tried it without the real maple syrup, and after trying it with and without, I prefer the haute cakes just with the strawberry, blueberry raspberry mix. Eggs were good and the sausage was juicy and flavorful. The skin snapped and had a lingering taste of thyme. All the flavors in the combination went berry nicely together.


Brunch spread

I added an order of roasted potatoes since I was feeling fancy. The bowl it came in was super cute. The potatoes, like the other foods, were not as hot as I would have hoped. The potatoes were soft, lacking a bit of that crispy goodness. Seasoning was good, but I felt it could need a bit more to it so it wasn’t bland.


We licked our plates cleeeean.

Even though the service and food were both warm, their haute cakes were a hit and their decor draws you in.

For the price, this food gives some major bang to your buck – especially since you save money since tipping is optional.

Will be back, will not order the coffee and maybe sit inside next time.




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