Orange Cafe is a must-try

Hullo world. ORANGE CAFE IS SO GREAT and I’m not sure how this slipped through my fingertips. With its close proximity to Chapman’s campus, high praise from Yelp critics and retro exterior, I can’t tell you why it didn’t become one of my favorites sooner – maybe because it’s kind of tucked away on a smaller street? –But oh, is it going to be a regular spot for me now.


Orange Cafe rating

Review of Orange Cafe


Restaurant: Orange Cafe

Location: Orange, CA

Hours: 7 a.m. – 2 p.m., closed Tuesday

Overall rating: 4.5/5




Orange Cafe is located near Tustin Ave. and Mayfair Ave.

Parking is quite tricky since it is a pretty small parking lot. So make sure you get there early, especially if you go on the weekend.


Orange Cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating.


License plates line the walls, some vintage and some new.


The menu includes classic breakfast and lunch options.


Since the orange juice was cute – oh and Michaela too.



Coffee flavor was robust and had a very classic taste to it. And they came in these cute mugs!


What I ordered: Crab cake benedict ($12.59)


Crab cake benedict

WOW. Best crab cake benedict. I’ve. Ever. Had. The ratio between english muffin, to crisp crab cake, to poached egg, to hollandaise sauce was perfection. One of the complaints I usually have when ordering any type of benedict is that it lacks texture and falls too easily apart. Not with this one. It cut cleanly and stayed on my fork for the wonderful but short-lived trip to my mouth. First, I tasted fresh, brought in by the light, airy hollandaise sauce, then I felt the fried exterior of the crab cake which was moist and savory on the inside.



The potatoes were a nice pairing. These potatoes were interesting, because they were very dense, melt-in-your-mouth lightly crisped kind of potatoes. They differ from typical breakfast potatoes that have a more prominent texture of the skin. These potatoes felt like you were getting the most potato you could in each bite. I also very much appreciated that our server gave me the option to opt in or out of added bell peppers and onions. Of course I said yes. My one criticism on the dish as a whole would be that the potatoes needed a bit more seasoning. A spicy kick to the potatoes would marry all the flavors so so nicely.

What Jordyn ordered: Pancakes, eggs & fruit ($5.99)



From the one bite I had, the pancakes were fluffy yet dense.


Scrambled eggs and mixed fruit

What Michaela ordered: Creme brulee french toast ($8.99)


Creme brulee french toast

I had high expectations for the creme brulee french toast since it was one of the most highly rated dishes and is one of their specialties.

It was definitely tasty, but by no means earth shattering. The flavor was spot-on, mimicking the burnt sweet eggy creme brulee taste, especially when you douse it in that goddess of a sauce. What I would have loved would be a thicker cut of bread to soak up more of the sweet creamy sauce and a mound of mixed berries on top to add some fruity flavors.


On Sunday’s we wear brunch shirts, leggings and fuzzy jackets.

Orange Cafe beats many of the breakfast places in the circle and has now become one of my favorites in Orange.




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