As a brunchaholic, here is where I went for my birthday brunch


Blu Jam Cafe in Calabasas is open but still under construction. ( 

“Where do you want to eat for breakfast?” is one of my favorite – but toughest questions to answer. It was especially difficult to decide where to eat on my birthday. I wanted a nearby place that would start my celebration, satisfy my sweet tooth and fulfill my Insta-worthy photography needs. And the one place that I could check off each of my must’s was the iconic Blu Jam. Their famous crunchy french toast was already making my mouth water and I knew their chic decor and photogenic food would be perfect.

This location is currently under construction, but is still open for business. This whole complex is undergoing some major changes and it looks like it will be verrry fancy. (Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the outside, but it’s okay the inside and their food is much cuter).


Review of Blu Jam Cafe on 1/19/2017



Restaurant: Blu Jam Cafe

Location: Woodland Hills, CA

Hours: 8am-4pm

Overall rating: 4/5

What I ordered: Crunchy French Toast ($13.95)



“French brioche dipped in our secret batter, rolled in crunchy corn flakes and grilled to perfection, topped with fresh berries, served with powdered sugar and vanilla bean sauce”


What my mom ordered: California Omelette ($13.95)

“Three egg omelette, crispy smoked bacon, grape tomato, avocado, sour cream, cheddar cheese, grilled potatoes, toast”

What my sister ordered: Migas ($12.95)

“Spicy combination of eggs scrambled with jalapeños, chipotle, ground beef chorizo sausage, red bell peppers, tortilla chips, mozzarella, topped with homemade tomato salsa, GMO free corn tortillas, grilled potatoes”


Blu Jam has indoor and outdoor seating, with dark wood, brick and spritz of green plants.


Their menu has breakfast, lunch, monthly specials and vegan/gluten free options.


French press coffee $4.95

The drip coffee was tasty and robust with a slightly nutty aftertaste. The french press coffee was bold and had a chocolatey undertone.


Fresh cup of French press coffee


California Omelette

After a couple of bites of my mom’s food, I would say my favorite item was the sourdough toast. Rustic and toasted to a golden brown, it helped give texture to the dish. I thought the omelette was fairly large and slightly overcooked. Bacon could be crisper and the sour cream didn’t add too much flavor. The potatoes are cut in very tiny cubes – and while this makes for a cute, dainty side dish, it can never reach its true crispy potential and I like my potatoes well done.



These were strong flavors married well, just again lacking in a variety of crunch and textures. Instead of getting three corn tortillas in addition to the tortilla chips, I would advise just asking for extra chips. I found it was best to eat it like nachos, piling on the chorizo, eggs and potatoes all together. My sister asked for a side of sour cream which added a very necessary refreshing tone. Great flavors, just needs some variety after a few bites.


Crunchy french toast – Blu Jam’s signature dish

Ah, my french toast. This is my second time ordering this dish and it hardly ever disappoints. The one fact that bugs me about this meal is that you cannot have it as a combination (with eggs/bacon/toast). It is a standalone dish, and while it does and can shine by itself, it does need some savory to balance this sweetness out.

Buttery french toast crusted in yummy flakes topped with fresh berries and then dunked into a creamy vanilla sauce. YAS.

Blu Jam Cafe is one of LA’s favorite brunch places with locations in Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, TOKYO! (wow) and soon-to-be Tarzana (said to open January 25 2017).


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