Sweet, sweet solitude

poetrySolitude, I feel that you are often misunderstood.

People mistake you for loneliness, when really you are the exact opposite.

Some say you’re a sign of weakness,

Some say you’re not cool,

Some say you’re no fun,

Who would just want to be by themselves?

Mankind was made for companionship they say

Don’t you have friends they say, you say

Some say solitude is sour,

But they are missing the point.

I was missing the point —

Solitude, you’re actually sweet,

No one fits your hand better than mine

You know when I say I’m fine

I’m lying,

I’m lying down on my bed,

A million thoughts circulating through my head,

What used to be lonely

What once was sour

Is now savored.


p.s. read my column about solitude that features this poem here!

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