Hidden Cafe

My family and I were on our way to the Camarillo Outlets and wanted to grab a bite to eat on our way. ‘Twas my job to find the best brunch spot nearby and I think I did a pretty damn good job at finding this — Hidden Cafe.


Restaurant: Hidden Cafe

Location: Camarillo Springs, CA

Hours: Everyday from 7:00am to 2:00pm

Overall rating: 4/5

What I ordered: Pumpkin nut pancake combination with bacon and eggs

What my mom ordered: Corned beef hash with eggs and toast

What my dad ordered: Deluxe loco moco

What my brother ordered: Garden benedict with O’Brien potatoes & a side of Portuguese sausage


All photos by Leah de Leon

This cafe was just right off the 101 freeway and was in a peculiar spot. I wasn’t expecting there to be many stores or restaurants in this very residential area. It was a small parking lot, and the restaurant was indeed a bit hidden, due to the fact that the only sign was the small sign in the window in call caps.


The menu has traditional breakfast and lunch items, with some Pacific Islander and Spanish dishes to reflect the chef’s background. There was indoor seating, outdoor seating as well as an enclosed patio.


I decided to go for a season special and treat my taste buds to some pumpkin-y  goodness. The pancakes had a subtle undertone of pumpkin. The texture was nice and fluffy. The syrup helped bring the original pancake and pumpkin flavors together. Bacon and eggs were average. Coffee was hands-down one of my favorite cups of coffee I’ve had at a restaurant. Aromatic, flavorful and rich, but not too bitter – it was lip smackin’ good. But it was my mom’s meal that made my mouth water.


The best corned beef hash. Ever. And it’s homemade too. I had one bite and I was hooked. It was cooked to a perfect crisp that melted in your mouth with hearty meat and flavor. The potatoes were a nice companion with bell papers and onions. The yolk of the egg with the buttery sourdough bread with the savory hash – ugh I’m hungry again.


My brother ordered a garden benedict. I thought the sauce was a bit much, but loved the use of spinach. The Portugese sausage was good, but nothing too memorable.


My dad ordered the deluxe loco moco. Tons of packed strong flavors with the spam and sausage.

Would definitely come back and try some of their dishes — but I may just have to make the trip for the corned beef hash.





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