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Buffalo Exchange

Sherman Oaks, CA

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All photos by Leah de LeonĀ 

I’ve always loved Buffalo Exchange. I first discovered this adventure-land of fresh finds in Ventura when out thrifting with my best friend Karina a few years ago. It is a second-hand store that you can buy, trade and sell your clothing, shoes and accessories.


Buffalo Exchange does the work for you. They’ve compiled all the good stuff — but at a certain cost. When a shirt I find at a thrift store can be as cheap as a quarter, Buffalo Exchange mirrors similar pricing to Forever 21 or H&M, with tops around $10 to $15, shoes for about $20 and accessories usually priced below $10. Still great for the quality of product you get.

And when you buy from Buffalo, you know what you bought is with the trends (or supposed to be). That’s because their employees are verrrry picky when selecting what they will resell. They only take what’s in season, in good condition and they’re always on the hunt for any designer brands.


During this visit, I brought bags and I mean bags of stuff for them to look at, hoping my old clothes would still be ‘cool’ enough to buy. Well, they only wanted three of my items.

If they like any of your stuff, they will ask for your ID (you have to be over 18 to sell your clothes to them) and price the item they will sell at the store and then give you half of that price in store or a smaller percentage in cash. I made around $22 for store credit, so my clothes were worth $44.


After I was done being embarrassed of my still very full bags of clothes that I would have to bring back home (and am now trying to sell on Panther Couture — please buy my clothes!!), I began to tackle the large store.

Buffalo6.jpgMy mentality when shopping at Buffalo Exchange is more similar to when I shop at the malls since I know I won’t be able to afford the entire store (sadly).

I was stoked to see the racks filled with funny Christmas sweaters. Some of them were just outrageous. Most of them ranged from $15 to $20. None of them were calling my name so I figured why not just make my own for cheaper? (blog post on that very soon!)

What I also really like about Buffalo Exchange is that it is for men and women.


Lots of different shoes, hats, belts, sunglasses, watches, purses, you name it.


Hats for fall and winter season were around $12 to $20.


Buffalo always has some really cool accessories. They have bold earrings, tons of chokers and fun headbands and such.


I walked out with a few purchases, but don’t want to spoil what I got (just in case they might be Christmas presents…)

Find the nearest Buffalo Exchange to you here.

More posts for “Shift to Thrift” coming soon. Let me know any ideas you may have!


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