Happy at Harold’s

So excited to finally be blogging about all my breakfast/brunch adventures! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day hands down — so I’ll be doing a post about each restaurant I visit.



Review of Harold’s House of Omelettes on 11/20/2016


Restaurant: Harold’s House of Omelettes

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Hours: 6am-3pm

Overall rating: 3/5

What I ordered: Eggs benedict with hashbrowns well done & side of sourdough toast

What Matt ordered: A hotcake combination with eggs and bacon & bowl of oatmeal



All photos by Leah de Leon 

We Yelp’d this one. Getting there was kind of confusing – it first led us to what looked like to be an apartment complex, but we soon realized it was directly in front of it.


The set-up consists of two seating areas connected by a doorway, sort of like a house. Garland with pinecones and ornaments decorated the shelves above our heads, wrapping paper lined the walls and tinsel hung from the ceiling. The Christmas decor definitely added to the homey vintage feels of the bouncy booth seats, green tablecloths and wallpapered walls. I also really liked sitting next to the window.


The menu was pretty large, offering breakfast and lunch with lots of Mexican favorites.


I liked the mugs the coffee came in, but didn’t feel the need to keep refilling it. I recently started drinking my coffee black, but I was looking around for some cream after my first sip. For me, it was a bit too bitter.


Even though we were at the house of omelettes, neither of us opted to try one. I was split between the corned beef hash and the eggs benedict. I chose the eggs benedict at the server’s recommendation.


Warmed english muffin topped with thickly cut ham, poached eggs and some cheesy hollandaise sauce. It was pretty good. Lots of yolk and sauce called for an order of sourdough toast (which sadly didn’t come with my order). I definitely wanted more crunch in the english muffin, but the eggs were prepared really well. Hollandaise sauce was maybe a tad too rich. The hashbrowns were really yummy with just enough crisp. Aaand Matt’s pancake was fluffy.

Service was okay, but they did take a while to clear our plates and get the check. But the restaurant definitely started to pick up around 11am, so maybe we’ll swing by another time  to see what the regulars are buzzin’ about.



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